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About UCC

University Christian is a church bent on living out our faith as a family. We may not always get it right, but our goal is to love and accept each person who comes in as they are. That doesn’t mean we stop growing or learning, of course; we believe that the Christian faith is a journey which will constantly challenge us to live more deeply into the people that we could be. We don’t believe we can be content with being in a world as it is now, not when we have a faith that asks us to imagine a world which might be possible – and striving for a better place, more filled with hope, joy, peace, and love means we’ll need the help and support of a faithful community.

Families might not always agree, but there is something bigger than our politics, hobbies, or even our theologies, that draws us in and keeps us together. Our shared sense that we might be able to live more as the people we are called to be – and thus pushing the world more into the place it is called to be – brings us back here week after week. And even if sometimes we don’t get along or do things the way that best fits everyone’s expectations, we know that at the end of the day it is our calling to support, encourage, teach, and learn from each other that connects us back to God.

Churches can take any number of shapes – a group that meets over a meal and prays together, a quilting circle making blankets for the homeless, a group of artists who use music and paint to connect to a sense of the Divine, you can find these shapes all over the city. For us, our Church happens to meet in an old, English-Gothic style building with a big steeple and a sanctuary filled with wooden pews. It isn’t because this is the only way to connect with God, it just happens to be the way that we choose to be reminded of our belief that God is both transcendent and intimately among us. The high ceiling, the old stained glass, the architecture, all of it was designed a long time ago specifically to give a sense of how much larger God is than us, but also how we fit into God. As we continue to try and become the people we are meant to be, our old church building helps us remember that we are just one part of a massive, inter-generational, multi-national, and diverse institution that has been trying to bring a sense of faithful wonder into the lives of people for thousands of years.

We don’t have a strict creed that all of our members will agree to. Rather, we offer a chance to believe in God and Christ without pretense or pressure. You don’t need to profess anything to belong here because the Church is big enough to handle questions and changing beliefs. Our denomination┬áhas an unofficial saying: “No creed but Christ; no book but the Bible.”

UCC has provided me a spiritual home and a loving church family since 2000 when my husband Tim joined the church. The congregation celebrated our family milestones, supported us in our challenges, and offered us the opportunity and the room to grow spiritually in our own way. I had room to come from my non-Christian background and still engage as part of this church family. When I got baptized and became an official member of UCC, the congregation shared its joy with me, but that joy was really an extension of the love and support my church family had been giving me all along.

Testimonial Sue Williams
Sue Williams
Member since 2013

If Christ is truly alive and present in the world, we can’t envision ourselves as refusing anyone the chance to engage, learn, and grow. You will find that many of our members have been on faith journeys for many years, and others are just starting out. Some of us might appear to have stepped straight out of a 1950’s ad for a dishwasher, others of us are hippies studying meditation who were born in the wrong generation. We have people across the theological spectrum, the political spectrum, the whatever spectrum – because what matters to us isn’t that you look like us, talk like us, or think like us. What matters at University Christian is that, like us, you desire something deeper for your life and your community, and that you see God as bigger than our practices or questions. Come as you are, be loved, and let the Spirit of God move you along our shared journey towards what might one day be.

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